VEHICALL makes your life easier thanks to its intensive use of the new "rental ad geolocation" concept. Spending a few minutes reading this page will save you hours of Internet search with its revolutionary possibilities !

This site is a teletoposite (from the Greek words tele=distance and topos=location). It allows the computation of the distance of any advertized goods, products or services from any point clicked on the map. The reached coordinate precision is +/- 8 meters on the whole Earth !

VEHICALL is also a very fast search engine: up to 270,000 rental ads are analysed per second. Thanks to our data base format and our proprietary algorithms, a single 1 GB USB key can store more than 17 millions rental ads.

Each ad is recorded as numerical data, and because numbers are really universal, there is no need for any translation: every ad can be understood everywhere, whatever the language.

For the geolocation process, in order to allow a complete geographical and linguistic universality, no names for areas, localities or streets, no administrative names or numbers for departments, no postal codes are used on VEHICALL: click only on the big map to select a location then the [NEXT] button ! So no more typing or spelling problems with (foreign) names !

This site was created for a 800x600 or more resolution. With the lowest resolution, maximize your Web navigator window to see more data by clicking the F11 key (full screen function).

VEHICALL is deliberately designed without graphic gadgets to ensure it remains simple, fast and accessible from anywhere in the world, whatever the employed hardware, software or connection speed. The retro-looking fashion, the retro-looking furnitures, the retro-looking radios still exist: why would not there be also retro-looking Web sites offering the latest performances and features ?

Please support us: install the VEHICALL's banner on your Web site/blog/page, tell your friends about us, become a sponsor !


Click the [Find goods to rent now] button in the main menu. Choose the country, island or territory. Click [NEXT] to go to the geolocation page. Click the chosen location on the map, more and more precisely, up to the desired level of details. Click [NEXT] to go to the search page. Modify any search criterion and click [>] to get the updated results.

Click on a beach, a tourist attraction, the middle of a lake or a mountain top to find and compare all closest rentals.

Borders are not longer a limit: for example, after having chosen "France" as country, you can click Brussels on the map to find and compare all the rentals located in France which are the closest ones from Brussels.

In the search page, hold the cursor on a criterion or any underlined text to get its description.

To refine the results, modify one or more search criteria and click again [>].

The resulting rental ads are displayed in a list, each one on a single line, with the most recent ads at the top. So it is very easy to spot all the new rentals.

[Distance] 0,05 mile to 9999 miles: maximum distance from the clicked point on the map to all the searched rentals. With the "9999" value, it is possible to carry out a search for a whole country, island or territory with a single click, whatever its size, e.g. even Russia !

[Unit] in "mi" (miles) or "km" (kilometers): unit for the distances. The interior and exterior rental surfaces will be displayed respectively in "square yards" or in "square meters" according to the unit selected here.

[First date], [Last date]: rental period for all the searched rentals.

[Maximum price] from 0 to 999999999999: price limit not to be exceeded. Sometimes the price for a rental with more adult beds is lower...

[Currency] 145 at disposal: currency to be used among the 145 available for the displayed rates. The exchange rate is updated automatically using the previous day closing rate at NYSE (New York Stock exchange).

[Places] from 1 to 999: minimum number of adult beds for all the searched rentals.

[Rental type + Minimal imposed rental duration]: criterion combining the rental type and the minimum duration imposed by the owner for the rental. Each displayed combination means that there is at least one corresponding rental in the selected country, island or territory.

[Shared rental], [Urban zone], [On mountain], [Near a lake], [Near a sea], [Furnished], [With pool], [With parking]: selection criteria for the searched rentals. Example with the [On mountain] criterion: search all the rentals on mountain with "Yes", search only in plain with "No", search on mountain and in plain with "Indifferent". After a modification of any criterion, all the matching rentals are immediately listed by a single click on [>].

For each rental found, the GPS coordinates in decimal degrees of latitude and longitude are displayed. Clicking on them displays a zoomable map to show precisely, by a red circle, where the rental is located.

Clicking on the calculated distance of any listed rental will sort all the sponsors by increasing distance from it.

Clicking on the other data of any found rental (e.g. first and last rental dates, total price, number of beds, interior and exterior surfaces, number of rooms) displays the Web site, blog or page of the owner or, if none exists, an email address.


You are invited to advertise freely all your boats, motorhomes, mobile-homes or bungalows, holiday hotels or residences, B&B or guest houses, lodgings or refuges, flats or apartments or hostels, houses or villas or large country cottages.

Click the [Reference your rentals] button in the main menu. Choose the country, island or territory of the rental. Click [NEXT] to go to the geolocation page. Click more and more precisely the exact location where your rental is situated on the big map, up to the greatest available details (maximum zoom level). The [NEXT] button will then appear. Click it to enter the useful data about your rental.

No need to include a description or any picture, because a link will permit to access directly your Web site, blog or page. The ad creation is thus very easy and very fast, thanks to the simple and precise questions shown at each step. And if you do not have a Web site, blog or page, a single email address will be sufficient to be contacted !

After the confirmation of a successful ad creation, you will be invited to add other tariff periods (do not forget any !) for the same rental with the same or another amount of beds, or for another rental type in the same location, and without the need for a new geolocation process. An unlimited quantity of tariff periods can be entered.

Less than 3 minutes are sufficient to create a complete ad and less than 30 seconds are needed to add each tariff period.

The easiest and most logical way to enter all your tariff periods is chronologically, by increasing dates !

For example, here is how to reference in 5 minutes an apartment, rented weekly from Saturday to Saturday, with tariff periods having various lengths and various local currency tariffs, in June, at the end of July, at the beginning of August and during September:

- Put as period: 06/06/03 to 06/06/17, as minimal duration: 1 week, as total price: 400
- Put as period: 06/06/17 to 06/07/01, as minimal duration: 1 week, as total price: 480
- Put as period: 06/07/15 to 06/08/12, as minimal duration: 1 week, as total price: 800
- Put as period: 06/09/03 to 06/10/01, as minimal duration: 1 week, as total price: 400

Many hours, days or weeks later, at any time, you will be able to add one or several tariff periods by clicking simply on [Reference your rentals] !


As a sponsor, your textual publicity promoting your products or services, whatever they are, appears automatically and permanently in the search page of any Net surfer who clicks on the map within less than 100 miles (by default in English) or within less than 100 km (by default in French) from your advertized product or service location (cf [View the demonstration] in the main menu).

Along with your publicity, VEHICALL will also display automatically your exact distance from the point clicked by the Net surfer on the map, your GPS coordinates in decimal degrees of latitude and longitude and a zoomable map with your precise location indicated by a red circle, in order to visit you very easily. A clickable link to your web site is provided too...

Of course, you will be able to create and/or modify your own advertizing text at your will and 24/7 !

And you will receive a reduction of 9% to 50% proportional to the number of publication days (minimum 90, maximum 500).

60 days of free publication will be offered if the VEHICALL's banner is present on your Web site or blog or page...

Example: advertizing rates in USD for the USA (September 29th, 2009 currency rate)

   If the VEHICALL's banner is present:                                   If the VEHICALL's banner is absent:
  90 days =  18.99 (0.21 USD/day)               90 days =  56.98 (0.63 USD/day)
 180 days =  68.47 (0.38 USD/day)              180 days = 102.69 (0.57 USD/day)
 365 days = 134.75 (0.37 USD/day)              365 days = 161.27 (0.44 USD/day)
 500 days = 153.07 (0.31 USD/day)              500 days = 173.94 (0.35 USD/day)

Your advertizing period (and related cost) can be chosen freely, with one-day accuracy, from 90 to 500 days !

Who are the sponsors ? They are innumerable. In fact all suppliers of services or goods: shops, retailers, hotels, restaurants, real estate agencies, event or regional festival organizers, tourist offices, entertainment parks, leisure attractions and facilities, night clubs, pubs, museums, etc. And also rental owners wishing to highlight their offers ! Very often, just ONE SINGLE CUSTOMER, catched by your geolocalized publicity, will cover the monthly cost of it...

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